Logan “Robot” Gladden


Like most kids his age, Logan “Robot” Gladden loves school, sports, video games, and music. What sets this ten-year-old apart from other fifth graders is – not only does he love rock and roll . . . Robot really ROCKS!


Robot was born on December 5, 2003, in Ft. Worth, Texas. He began playing "drums" (boxes, pans, car seats) and singing nonstop when he was 18 months old. His nickname "Robot" was derived from his earliest pronunciation of his name - he could spell L-O-G-A-N, but he pronounced it "Robot".


Robot got his first toy drum set at age one and quickly beat it (and several replacements) to shreds. Robot would listen and play along to rock music every chance he got and, sinced the age of two, he has rarely left the house without a pair of drumsticks in hand. 


In 2009, the producers of Barney and Friends saw Robot (then age five) on YouTube and cast him as a rock and jazz drummer in two music videos. At age seven, Robot gained considerable media attention as local news outlets began referring to him as "rock-and-roll's answer to Justin Bieber". In 2011, Robot was invited to host his own weekly radio show, Robot's Rock Block, and he appeared as a featured artist in the 2011 Chuck E. Cheese in-store video series, which aired more than one million times in restaurants nationwide. Initially a self-taught drummer, Robot began taking formal drum lessons at age seven. And although he lives and breathes the drums, Robot also enjoys singing and playing piano.


Some more interesting facts about Robot: 


- At the age of eight, Robot became one of the youngest musicians ever to record drums, piano, and lead vocals on an album ("Rock 'n Roll" by The Robotix).

- Robot has performed more than 200 live shows.

- Robot has attended more than 100 live rock concerts since witnessing his first show (Ringo Starr & His All-Star Band) at age two.

- Robot attends fifth grade and is a straight "A" student!

- Robot loves to watch classic television sitcoms such as The Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island, Happy Days, and Full House.


Robot is inspired by many great drummers, but Eric Singer of KISS is the most influential - not only because of his drumming, but also because, as Robot says, "he is a good friend and always willing to help people." Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, Freddie Mercury of Queen, and Paul McCartney, whom Robot has met several times, also inspire him.


Robot is proud to endorsed by Pearl Drums and currently rocks out with his band The Robotix, which qualified as a Finalist on Season 8 of America's Got Talent and performed live at a sold out Radio City Music Hall in 2013. Robot's dream is to always keep playing music and he hopes to inspire other kids to do the same!


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